Dr. Aditi Chandrashekhar Acharya is a budding Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist from Mumbai administering care in the field of Women’s Mental Health, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, De-addiction, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Adult Psychiatry and Geriatric Pyschiatry, her areas of forte.

Dr. Aditi holds a background in MBBS and MD (Psychiatry) qualifications. Besides being involved in clinical practice, Dr. Aditi is very proactive in conducting workshops on stress management, parenting, adolescent, child development and caregiver programs. Since the past two years, Dr. Aditi has been highlighting several issues on mental health through television interviews aired on ‘Mi Marathi’ news channel.

Dr. Aditi is extremely passionate about her field of speciality which is beyond a profession. She indulges in it with a fervour that is charged with utmost dedication and earnestness.


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  • Appeared for several interviews on Mi Marathi news channel since last two years. 
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